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Recognition, reconciliation and voice: ‘Unfinished, uncompleted, unfulfilled’

By Olivia Cleal


Australian Political Studies Conference kicks off today

The 2023 Australian Political Studies (APSA) Conference starts today and continues until  November 30. Approximately 2000 participants and researchers will gather from around the world, with the conference kicking off with an HDR Workshop on...

Creative Nonfiction

Vinyl: the unexpected underdog of the streaming era

In September 2022, Joshua “Josh” Gibbs opened Crosstalk Records in Leichhardt, some 14 years after the record store he worked at as a teenager...

Leppington: Local memories of a dramatically changing suburb

To the average Sydneysider, Leppington will only be recognisable as the terminating station on the T2 Southwest and Inner West Rail Link. Ask a...

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Up the Tillies: one point for Australia… and feminism?

On the night of August 16, Australia donned itself in green and gold and collectively assembled. Crowds of thousands swarmed city parks and stadiums, pub goers huddled shoulder-to-shoulder, and families at home scurried for...


The Person You Have Called Is Not Available

The Person You Have Called Is Not Available is a love letter to friendships that have since ended. It aims to draw attention to the universal experience of drifting from a close friend -...


University FoodHub under threat

With the announcement of the University of Sydney’s slated demolishment of the Wentworth Building, the SRC and Student Union’s collaborative initiative, the FoodHub, offering free food amid the cost-of-living crisis, is in a state of purgatory, despite...


What the hell is an “AUSTRALIAN STORY”?

"What the Hell is an Australian Story?" was an insightful talk show punctuated by humour. It opened with the creative director of Word Travels, Miles Merrill, asking Nazeem Hussain, a Sri Lankan-Muslim comedian, the question...