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‘We lived in a racist country from day one’: Aboriginal Council on NT curfew law

The Northern Territory Government on May 22 gave major power to declare three-day curfews if they believe there’s a risk of “public disorder”. Chief Minister...

International Women’s Day Breakfast 2024 highlights

Women's achievements, their economic potential and persistent inequalities, came under the spotlight when Independent federal MP for North Sydney Kylea Tink addressed an International...

Students lose more than $8 million to Chinese police scam

Reports of scammers posing as Chinese police to target international students have more than doubled, prompting a Chinese ambassador to call for action to...

Oliver Wen

Oliver Wen is a dedicated student pursuing a Master of Media Practice at the University of Sydney. Drawing from his rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds, he takes an active role in promoting multiculturalism and cultural competence among his peers and in the broader society. Oliver aspires to minimise cultural misunderstandings, combat racism, and contribute to fostering harmony in diverse communities.