Allegra Spender takes ‘blue ribbon’ seat of Wentworth

Allegra Spender celebrating on election night. Photo: Adriana Wainstok

Independent candidate Allegra Spender is the fourth independent in history to win the electorate of Wentworth. Spender defeated the Libera incumbent, Dave Sharma, with an 8 per cent margin, contradicting the pre-polls predictions.

Allegra is the daughter of former Liberal MP John Spender, but decided to run as an independent saying this will give her the opportunity to vote for the people, not the party. Wentworth has long been known as a blue Ribbon seat for the Liberal party but Spender was very confident of a win throughout the campaign, and election night on May 21. Adriana Wainstok was there to report this “teal” win for The Junction.

Adriana Wainstok is a graduate in International Relations from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Media Practice at the University of Sydney. Her main fields of interest are politics, international affairs, and culture.