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Trust in the US media? It’s complicated

The US is undergoing significant demographic, racial and societal shifts. As with other pivotal arcs of history such as the civil rights movement, it...

Tiny solar backpacks help 60 million-year-old Australian bird evade extinction

Fifteen critically endangered plains-wanderer birds have been equipped with tiny solar-powered backpacks to track their movements following their recent release in the Oolambeyan National...

Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll is a postgraduate student at the University of Sydney studying a Master’s of Media Practice. She has a background in research and policy analysis in Australian, European, East-African and South-East Asian contexts. She has worked in government and academia, including recently as an analyst and manager in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland. In 2005, she co-founded an NGO, Timor Leste Vision. Emily holds a Master’s of International Security and Conflict, and undergraduate degrees in Science and Behavioural Science from Dublin City University, Curtin University of Technology and the University of Notre Dame respectively.