Podcast: A noodle soup


Food is the most routine yet special thing that could remind us about the place and people back in time, with just a taste of it. The homemade food has its magic to cure our homesick and the ability to preserve our memory. As an international student from China, my home and my hometown became the places that I couldn’t go back in the near future during the pandemic. Homesick always occurs when I start missing the homemade noodle soup, thus I thought maybe the best way to cure my homesick is to learn how to make one. Hope this podcast could make you laugh while you are far away from home. Homemade food has a magical ability to cure our homesickness and the ability to preserve our memory. I hope this podcast makes you laugh in this hard time.

Sisi Wang is an international student from China who found herself separated from her home and hometown for two years during the pandemic. She is a Strategic Public Relations graduate from the University of Sydney, with a Media and Communication bachelor’s degree in the same university. She enjoys exploring storytelling in all different media.