The genius behind Aldi


The Genius Behind Aldi delves into the world of the popular and beloved supermarket chain, Aldi. As one of Australia’s supermarket giants, Aldi has been incredibly successful in gaining the attention and trust of Australian consumers. But, the million dollar question remains: Why are people SO obsessed with Aldi? Follow along as I peel back the layers behind this genius business model to uncover how this store has gained a cult-like following.

I’m Claudia, a second-year Law and Arts student majoring in Media Studies at The University of Sydney. I have always been fascinated by marketing tactics and the way businesses can study consumer behaviour and tailor their marketing so specifically to influence purchasing decisions. Though I had no prior experience with recording audio or creating a podcast prior to this, I was inspired to create this piece when I noticed my Mum’s unhealthy obsession with Aldi. From there, it became one of the most fun and rewarding projects I’ve ever completed, and one I am truly proud of.