Podcast: G.I.R.L – Girl in Real Life


Contributor: Jamie Irawan and Meg Hornsby |

It’s asking a tough question, thinking ‘does anyone else feel this way?’.

We crave the stories you’d tell your nearest and dearest; stories that will make us laugh, cry, or stop us in our tracks. We hear thoughts and opinions that strike up a good conversation. We dissect social culture and ways in which technology has infiltrated our world, effortlessly weaved into the way we live. When the G:IRL club comes together, it’s those head-nod moments and silent “yep’s” we mouth when someone talks about their life. Our episodes illustrate a new social world; a vibrant mural of diversity and change fraught with stress for the things we once knew. From re-routed Facebook posts and Twitter threads to Instagram shout-outs, we are living in the midst of hyper-social-connectivity. We’ll be talking essentials on how-to Facebook stalk 101 all the way through to pop culture and social phobias as we approach life’s dilemmas with quips and humour.

Contributor Biography:

So we’ll begin with introducing ourselves – Jamie and Meg, two BFFs who pour out their hearts, souls and minds. When we catch up, we CATCH UP. Born into a digital world, we study media and communications. We’re breathing that 24 news cycle, devouring an always-online social feed, travelling the world of flat lays and filters. But we want you to know that our conversations, offline, are more valuable than ever.

Jennifer Jamie Irawan, jira8320@uni.sydney.edu.au
Ayaka Meg Hano Hornsby, ahor9670@uni.sydney.edu.au


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