Podcast: Never have I ever


Contributors: Kristi Cheng and Celine Witarsa

Never Have I Ever is Kristi and Celine’s exploration into the “crazy stories” of experiences not had and thoughts unexpressed – every episode examines people who have, whether by choice or otherwise, lived or thought in ways outside what is commonly accepted.

In this episode, we talked to people in their 20s who have never been in a relationship and explore societal expectations, trends, and reasons behind. Along the way, we dig deeper into expectations, uncomfortable truths … and why on earth were we meant to have done these things anyway.

Contributor Biographies

Kristi Cheng and Celine Witarsa are Media and Communications students at the University of Sydney and aspiring broadcast journalists.


Celine Witarsa: celwitarsa[at]gmail.com;
Kristi Cheng: Kristi.elizabeth.j[at]gmail.com

Kristi Cheng: @KristiCheng


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