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“They stole my motherland” : How to be Russian and stand with Ukraine

They left Russia for good, but are not ready to give up their national identity. Meet the Russians trying to find some form of...

All shades of shame

The stories of migrants in Australia who managed to subdue the defiant English language On the eve of the federal election, I was chosen as...

My relatives in Russia celebrate the war in Ukraine

An attempt to understand how Russian propaganda works On Thursday, March 18, 2022, 41-year-old father of two Sergey woke up in a festive mood. Nothing...

Svetlana Printcev

Svetlana Printcev is a student from the University of Sydney studying Master of Media Practice in the Department of Media and Communications. From a small Russian town in Siberia, she and received her bachelor's degree in journalism in Russia, where she also worked in television for several years. Now Svetlana is an executive producer of SBS Russian.