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Goldfish & Girl

Hi, have you heard that goldfish can talk?

This episode uses a goldfish’s perspective to tell a warming and interesting story about a special goldfish who can talk and an ordinary girl. In this story, the girl and the goldfish change each other and grow up together. While they have so many happy moments, they also face several challenges…

Let’s start listening to the story and let it tell you what happened and bring you to an unexpected world!

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Hi, have you heard that goldfish can talk?


Qianrong Chen
Qianrong Chen
I am Chen Qianrong, a postgraduate student studying media practice at the University of Sydney. I love reading stories and thinking creatively. In this podcast, I try to relax listeners with a cute story about a goldfish and a girl. I believe that life may be hard, but if you feel tired, stop and take a rest.

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