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Review: Brave and beautiful

No one can resist the passage of time, but photographers can turn moments into “eternity”. Timothy Owen relished the wonders and challenges of life in his 17 years with passionate enthusiasm, using photography to record the precious moments in his journey.

Untitled three black & white photographs, Timothy Owen 2017. Photo: Lan Wang

“BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL Celebrating the life and art of Timothy Owen” is on display at TAP Gallery from April 24 to April 30. Curated by Timothy’s mother, the exhibition features a selection of photographs taken by Timothy before his sad and untimely death at the age of 17. Featuring the work of this talented photographer, filmmaker and storyteller, the exhibition offers a glimpse into Timothy’s unique experience of the world, his legacy of kindness and the beauty of his art, used to celebrate the life of Timothy Owen.

Photo: Lan Wang

A photographer is a recorder of life. Throughout his 17 years of life, Timothy has captured the details of life and the wonders of nature through his own observations, feeling the fleeting changes of life. In his photography there are jungles, wildernesses, canyons, but also cities, streets and squares. Each photograph taken, whether it is the use of light and shadow or the capture of the depth of field shots, is his way of recording the world with keen insight.

One of the things that struck me most about Timothy’s photographs was their emotional depth. Whether capturing a moment of joy, sadness, or contemplation, Timothy had a gift for evoking powerful feelings in his viewers. In a photo titled “Altitude”, I felt the power of renewed hope and rebirth of all things. The sad context of the exhibition was particularly moving. Timothy’s death was a tragic reminder of the fragility of life. Yet through her curation of Timothy’s photographs, his mother has created a powerful tribute to her son’s life and a reminder of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

Photo: Lan Wang

This photography exhibition is an invitation to celebrate life and love, showcased in a spacious and welcoming room. It is as if we were invited to watch Timothy Owen use his camera to share one memorable moment after another from his life. Each photograph has been carefully selected and arranged, with the shooting time and photography theme labeled beside each photo. Some of the works also provide background stories of Timothy’s shooting process. The exhibition’s planner, Timothy’s mother, will tell the stories behind these photographs to anyone who is willing to listen. At this moment, Timothy is not only a talented photographer but also a son who made his mother proud.

The exhibition is a touching tribute to a talented and kind-hearted young man who left his mark on the world in a short time. The beauty of life and the fragility of life are both on display in this exhibition.

Photo: Matthew Dardis in honour of Timothy, Into that lightness 2022

Take the time to experience life through the lens of a talented photographer and see the world through the eyes of a teenager who lived life to the full in his 17 years.

BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL Celebrating the life and art of Timothy Owen is at the Tap Gallery from April 24-30, 2023. Free

Curated by Timothy's mother, the exhibition features a selection of photographs taken by Timothy before his sad and untimely death at the age of 17.


Lan Wang
Lan Wang
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