Wonderlust: You should just go!

Adriana Wainstok and Letitia Mello

There is a place where all cultures coexist. There is a place where the most beautiful landscapes share a space. There is a home for every living being to just be. I introduce you to the world. 

It’s not easy to have it all in one spot. This wonder called planet Earth is like an encyclopaedia never written, a movie never made, a love story sight unseen. In other words, it is an infinity of complexities that shape human existence. 

Sole traveller Letitia Mello on her motorbike adventure

Some people decide to see these layers as an opportunity to seek knowledge and growth, others choose to avoid the mysteries of the world and limit themselves to what they know.

Both choices are valid. The globe is complex and it’s hard to decide whether to stay or go. But going is addictive. Yes, It’s hard to take the first step, but harder to  take the last one.

Letitia Mello is one of these adventurous souls who chose to hit the roads. In this episode of The Wonderlust the solo traveler shares her motorbike adventure through some of the most conservative states of the US. Fun fact? She didn’t even have a licence before this trip, but this would never stop her from following her gut feeling!

Adriana Wainstok is a graduate in International Relations from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Media Practice at the University of Sydney. Her main fields of interest are politics, international affairs, and culture.