Newsroom: Bill Wyman on the rise of internet journalism

Bill Wyman at work. Photo: Supplied

Bill Wyman is long-time American journalist. He was assistant managing editor of National Public Radio in Washington, where he oversaw the network’s arts, digital and media coverage. Before that, he was a key editor in the rise of, one of the first and certainly the most high-profile of the online-only journalism sites.

Now Sydney-based, he lectures at the University of Sydney and has delighted SMH readers with his opinion pieces on former US president Donald Trump. Bill has had a varied career as a reporter, critic, columnist — even a radio host and correspondent for Al Jazeera America. He’s been published in New York magazine, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and the Columbia Journalism Review.
He joined the newsroom to talk to us about the rise of internet journalism—its triumphs and pitfalls—and where it will go from here.