Avanti: A Shared History

Scenic Lipari. Photo: Pam Walker

How far would you go for family? Would you cross the ocean for them? Leave all your worldly possessions behind for them?

On the ship bound for Australia. Photo: supplied

Avanti explores the courage, selflessness and love that drove my grandparents to move from their tiny Italian island of Lipari to the vast island continent of Australia, nearly 60 years ago. In our current climate of uncertainty, I hope you too can find hope and inspiration in this story about the perseverance and strength of la famiglia – family.

Ciao, my name is Olivia Di Costanzo, and I am a second-year Media and Communications student at the University of Sydney. Among other things, I am also a third generation Italo-Australian, so my podcast is both a tribute to my grandparents and an exploration into the history that many migrant families share.