Mother knows best


Contributor: Shi Feng

It is a one-piece audio feature, a memoir of a journey, a narrative about romance and family, and a voice about gay Chinese youth. Based on the non-fiction work Mother Knows Best published on Honi Soit, with attempts to build a multi-media feature with emerging experience for both the readers or the audience. Now, you don’t have to read it, have a listen.

Thanks to people who contribute their voices in this work: Si Miao; Cedric Zheng; Evelyn Peng, and Shi’s mum.  Acknowledge the copyright-free music and audio: ‘Shibuya’-by bad snacks (YouTube Audio Library) ; ‘Skeptic’, ‘Grapefruit’, and ‘Spring time’ by Podington Bear ( ; ‘Flip Flops on Concrete’, ‘Rain on Car Heavy’, ‘Cell Phone Vibrate’, ‘Walking fast on Muddy Grass’, ‘Walking in A Mud Puddle’ ‘Rain on Rooftop’ from YouTube Audio Library ; ‘Hachiko-crossing’ by kabit, ‘Railroad Crossing Japan’ by MrAuralization, ‘camera’ by Bratok999, ‘METAL LADLE ON CHINA PLATE’ by PMBROWNE, ‘AutomaticDoor’ by ArnyDnD, ‘creepy music box’ by Modification1089, ‘Door Open And Close’ by rivernile7, ‘Mini China 05’ by soundjoao, ‘Fridge opening and drinking something’ by addiesindie13, ‘Typing message on a mobile phone’ by zachrau (from

Contributor bio

Shi Feng is a Chinese-overseas student currently majoring in media practice at the University of Sydney after a year studying in Melbourne. He can be reached at or via his WeChat, fengshi79. As a writer and podcaster, he is looking for individual’s voice to cover serious issues.


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