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Peter Lombardo is a Media Communications graduate at the University of Sydney, with majors in marketing and film studies. His work is based in the mediums of film and photography. View more of his work at

Nicole Chew is a Master of Media Practice student at the University of Sydney.

Mia is currently completing a Media & Communications BA/Advanced Studies degree, majoring in Chinese (Mandarin). She enjoys writing, reporting and film making, and wants to continue developing her skills in different areas in media. She was born in Sydney and graduated from Beverly Hills Girls High School where she was the 2017 school captain. Her interest in a media career goes all the way back to childhood.

Mary Hakimi is a 24-year-old media professional and postgraduate student with a passion for social and digital media. She loves good coffee, travelling, ‘A song of ice and fire’ by George R.R. Martin and beach days. Contact:

Maria Gil is a Venezuela-born American living in Sydney, Australia who loves running away into lands of make-believe and chasing down stories. When she isn’t reading or playing Dungeons & Dragons she is working on making her dreams of becoming a novelist and a New York Times journalist a reality. Maria speaks English, Spanish and Japanese and has won several awards for news pieces she wrote while completing her bachelor’s degree in Miami, Florida.

Mareike Bire was at the University of Sydney last year as a postgraduate media student on exchange from Germany. She joined The Junction team to report on Australia’s federal election in May, and did it with great gusto writing several stories and joining the live cross on election night. Now she has agreed to share her experience of living through the coronavirus in Cologne, her home city. Mareike Bire is a queer feminist at heart, who does not believe in binaries.