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Wendy Guest’s first book, Not Just For This Life: Gough Whitlam Remembered, was published by New South Books in 2016.  Her passions are writing and yoga, which she combines in her blog

Wang Bingqing is a postgraduate student in the Department of Media and Communications at The University of Sydney.

Victoria Lonergan is currently majoring in Media Communications and Film Studies at the University of Sydney. As an aspiring writer and filmmaker, she believes in sharing stories that give a voice to those who are not often afforded the opportunity.

Tristan Durie is an economist and writer based in Sydney. He is studying a Master of Media Practice at the University of Sydney. Tristan can be reached by email or on Twitter, @TristanDurie.

Tim Piccione is a 24-year-old Media and Communications postgraduate student and aspiring journalist with a passion for Australian and American politics.