Citizen Science


Contributors: Alana Callus, Emmay Hayman, Jack Foster, & Bianca Davino 

Every day, people who aren’t scientists are making huge scientific discoveries. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of citizen science.

It’s nerding out to the max, and there’s seriously a project for everything, from astronomy to biology. There’s even one about the humble bin chicken, and a project that uses possum poo to investigate the future of human antibiotic resistance. We spoke to several science professionals about their work in their respective citizen science projects.

Conceived, Filmed, and Edited by Alana Callus, Emmay Hayman, Jack Foster, & Bianca Davino.

Thanks: Staff and Students of the Media and Communications Department, University of Sydney. Claire Vince – The Australian Museum. Macquarie University. Zooniverse @

Technical Support: Digital Media Unit, Alison Ray, Tyler Mahoney and Marcus James

Copyright @ 2017 : Alana Callus, Jack Foster, Emma Hayman, Bianca Davino


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