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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Duelling candidates spar at Glebe forum

Contributor: Gabrielle Platt | Climate change, Adani and renewables dominated debate at Saturday’s candidate forum at Glebe Town Hall, hosted by the Glebe Society. At...

Rituals and Relationships: August Podcast, The Junction


Homeless and unprotected

Contributors: Keer Leng and Lucija Stolic Three out of five young people who experienced homelessness in 2020 were female. Ignored and overlooked, we know that...

Between Brexit and a Hard Place

Contributor: Angus MacGregor  I lurched off the plane with the dazed relish displayed only by passengers freshly emancipated from the uncomfortable torpor of a 16-hour...
Australasian Threshold Choir

Walking each other home: A weekend with the combined Australasian Threshold Choirs

Contributor: Wendy Guest It’s chilly in the mountains for late March and the 45 women bustling into the big pale chapel pull their shawls and...

Medevac: will medical evacuations of asylum seekers weaken our borders?

Contributor: Cindy Cameronne | Once again, the familiar cry of “stop the boats” has entered an Australian election campaign. This time the government isn’t talking about...

Visualising COVID-19 – the challenge for data researchers

" Visuals are essentials. Sadly, there is a real human tragedy behind the statistics, the way we design and structure the narratives should account...

Space Oddity

Contributor: Janice Dibb Floating in a creative paradigm shift is not that bad. As Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield described when he transitioned to space: You’re suddenly,...

From Kabul to Wagga Wagga: a family reunited

Contributor: Georgina Harrison An Afghani Hazara family reunited in Wagga Wagga on Friday after Fawzia Khedri and her husband Eid Muhammad escaped from Taliban forces...


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Fake news war on WeChat

Contributor: Wuruo Xu | Bill Shorten updates his WeChat account in Mandarin every day and has live-streamed question and answer sessions with Chinese-Australians while Scott...

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Australian Government ‘deluded’ in backing fossil fuel exports

Contributor: Tristan Durie  A leading energy market analyst has labelled the Australian Government “deluded”, warning global forces have pushed thermal coal into a terminal decline...

Rituals and Relationships: August Podcast, The Junction


Australia can be an environmental superpower says Science Party

Science Party's Aaron Hammond speaks on climate change from Digital Media Unit on Vimeo. Contributor: Wuruo Xu Candidate for Sydney Aaron Hammond says Australia has the...

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