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Citizen Science

Meet the new generation of China’s digital entertainers

A new wave of youthful entertainers is breaking with the entertainment industry's traditional model of chasing dreams through live streaming. The world's video streaming industry...

Tanya Plibersek increases her popularity despite Labor’s devastating defeat

Contributor: Maria Gil | Sydney’s overwhelming vote of confidence in Tanya Plibersek and Labor contrasts sharply with how the majority of Australia voted yesterday. While...
Police officers at a climate change rally

Report finds strip-search of minors unlawful but no strong action suggested

Contributor: Tim Piccione The NSW police watchdog has found strip-searches conducted on four juveniles at music festivals were unlawful according to a report released yesterday....

Arterie Komorebi – Lifehouse

Contributors: Wendy Fan & Veronica Mao As part of the patient care service, an art crafting workshop is held in Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, with the...

Fighting for Justice: Indigenous schemes reduce youth crime

Contributor: Marco Stojanovik Marco Stojanovik looks at programs that aim to keep Indigenous kids out of the justice system. “Alright everybody, same combo: double jab, left,...

Mapping connection in shifting landscapes

Contributor: Angelica Waite How the i-Maps Parra project re-frames city mapping to reflect Parramatta’s shifting, multilayered landscapes. Several points on the hand-drawn map are marked with...

Badu Gili

Welfare reform aims to build on human rights

A Greens Party plan to pull all Australians above the poverty line includes $88.7billion more for low-income workers. The Australian government's biggest indexation rises in...

The Hardest Pill to Swallow: My Experience with Antidepressants

Contributor: Lauren Littlejohn “Don’t worry,” the doctor said, signing the prescription, “they’re not addictive”. He handed me the prescription and sent me off. No mention was...

Impact of lockdown on young people’s mental health

Contributor: Lucija Stolic Remember the good old days? When we could sing out loud at concerts or travel around the world? When coronavirus didn’t dictate...


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Sitting Down for Six

Contributors: Nick Kelland, Liam Askin, Nick Wigney, Billi Fitzsimmons & Matilda Walker Brandon Paenga Amosa is a professional footballer with a difference. Away from his...

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Nothing to Declare? What about the emotional baggage?

Contributor: Rebecca Bowman How travel restrictions and hotel quarantine are imposing the real tax on mental health for returning Australians. The phone lights up beside the...

Childhood cancer survivors suffer for life

Contributor Isabella Bradford Every year in Australia 950 children aged 0-19 years are diagnosed with some form of cancer. In 2012, Ashleigh Bradford, now aged...

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Welcome to Infinite Culture. Here, you can listen to the Cantonese dialect and learn about its unique culture. I hope you find yourself relaxing...

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